The Wellness Academy

Coaching for the woman who wants to lose weight without dieting and create a lifestyle of health and wellness.


We see you...

You’re constantly dieting and restricting only to sabotage every single time.

Your relationship with food is messy and filled with guilt, shame, anxiety and fear. 

You’re unhappy in your body and are constantly shaming your body to change by restricting even more. 

You’re inconsistent with your habits which causes you to never see results. 

You’re convinced the only way you can lose weight is by tracking every morsel of food for the rest of your life.  

Your life revolves around thinking about food, weight loss, and wanting to change your body 24/7.

You’re ready to quit feeling like every day is the last day before your diet starts and even more ready to stop living your life in restriction and inconsistency.


You’re desperate for change. You’re ready to stop starting and failing. And you’re disappointed that you’re not further along after years of effort.

What if instead, you could...

  • Feel 100% safe and confident around food without fear of overeating and sabotaging your diet?
  • Feel 100% confident and satisfied in your body without letting the scale dictate how you feel?
  • Stay consistent with your habits to experience LASTING results?
  • Lose weight without dieting or restricting and keep it off with ease?


Wellness Academy


The Wellness Academy is a nutrition, weight loss, and wellness membership program that supports women in achieving RESULTS through sustainable healthy habits, while having fun in the process.  


Inside the Wellness Academy, you'll get...

Access to the complete Wellness Academy coaching membership.

A 4-step program designed to help you stop dieting, make peace with food & your body, train your brain for change, and create lasting, sustainable habits that lead to weight loss and health.

Ongoing, live coaching support every step of the way.

Personalized + group coaching calls and access to our private online community to get support, guidance and your questions answered anytime, anywhere. (No more trying to do it on your own)

Done for your meal plans + workouts

Monthly meal plans, recipe database, full strength training workout programs and so much more!


The Wellness Academy is for the woman who wants to get out of her own head and

make weight loss and wellness simple and enjoyable.


Member results


We’re here to show you what to do, HOW to do it and walk you through it every step of the way.


Through coaching, we’ll help you:

  • Clarify your vision and goals for the lifestyle you want to live,

  • Help you identify and change the stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle of sabotage and failure, 

  • Program your brain for lasting success, 

  • Create and implement sustainable habits

  • Stay consistent and accountable with your goals, 

  • And coach you through mindset blocks and stuck points whenever they arise.


We’re here to coach you one step at a time, help make a customized plan for your lifestyle, and keep you from getting overwhelmed and quitting on yourself.

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What you’ll get when you join the Wellness Academy:

Learning Modules

Module 1: Create your vision + goals so you know exactly what you're working towards over the next 90 days and beyond.

Module 2: Mental programming to train your brain for change so you have that stick-to-it power!

Module 3: Diet deprogramming to learn how to ditch the diets and build a healthy lifestyle.

Module 4: Live a core habits lifestyle of resiliency, listening to your body, and finding your individual nutrition and exercise strategy.

Group, 1:1, and Community Coaching Calls

We have general coaching calls, topic specific coaching calls, as well as 1:1 coaching in a community setting. Coaching is offered multiple times each month and you can come to as many or as few calls as you’d like!

Private Coaching Call Podcast and Private Facebook Group

Access all of the replays for the coaching calls on a members only podcast feed to listen to whenever you want!

A 24/7 community on Facebook to get your questions answered, receive guidance, peer and coaching support.

Meal Planning and Recipe Resources

New recipes released monthly plus meal planning templates.

Strength Training Programs

8-week beginner strength training programs

4-week intermediate strength training program

Weight Loss Without Dieting Program

Learn about the science of weight loss, how to set weight loss goals and how to execute to achieve those goals. 

Plus 4 more masterclass trainings to support your wellness. 

Wellness Academy


A women's nutrition, weight loss, and wellness coaching membership to help you GET RESULTS!

 ✓ Access to The Wellness Academy coaching program + Weight Loss Without Dieting Masterclass

✓ Beginner and intermediate strength training programs

✓ Monthly meal plans and recipes

✓ Individual and community coaching calls

✓ Private coaching call podcast and member Facebook group

3 membership options to meet your needs...

Monthly Membership

$49 per month

Includes everything listed above.

Cancel anytime.


Yearly Membership

$399 per year 

(get four months FREE!)

+ 2 (60 min) 1-1 coaching sessions with Elizabeth per year.


Monthly VIP Membership

$97 per month

+ Unlimited weekday instant messaging with Elizabeth.

+ 1 (60 min) 1-1 Coaching Session with Elizabeth PER QUARTER!


Hi, I’m Elizabeth

I am a women’s wellness coach, nutrition coach, and certified exercise physiologist here to help women make peace with food, make peace with their bodies, and develop sustainable wellness habits to live a fulfilled life as A Woman of Wellness.

As your coach, my superpower is to help you change from the inside out.

When we change the way we THINK about things, we change the way we ACT. I start with helping you change the thoughts and beliefs you carry about your relationship with food and your body so that we can dive into changing the actions you take each and every day.

My #1 goal is to help you become the Woman of Wellness you want to become and live every day confident in who you are and where you’re going!

And those results are just around the corner for you!


What makes the Wellness Academy coaching program different from other weight loss programs?

Research based

Our program is 100% based on research in the fields of body physiology, behavior change psychology, and habit-based research.

Focused on habits + skills

Our goal is to help you build mental and action-based skills to create and implement habits that are sustainable for your lifestyle. You’ll have a toolbox of “tools” (skills) to implement when you want to set a new goal, implement a new habit, or make a change.

Root-cause approach

Instead of taking a surface level approach like most programs, we dive deep into identifying the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck so that you don’t stay stuck in the same cycle of sabotage you’ve been in for years.

Self-compassion coaching

No Jillian Michaels approach here! We meet you where you are and coach you from a place of self-compassion and support while encouraging you to do the same for your own journey. People change when they feel good - we want you to feel good when you receive coaching. 

Who is the Wellness Academy for?

  • The woman who is tired of yo-yo dieting.
  • The woman who wants to lose weight without going back on another diet
  • The woman who is ready to ditch the quick fix method and pursue long term change 
  • The woman who wants to stop constantly thinking about and stressing over food, fitness, her body, and weight loss.
  • The woman who is exhausted from starting and stopping and never getting anywhere, feeling like a failure.

Have a question? We can answer it for you! Email us at [email protected].

If not now, when?