Overcoming the Fear of Trying and Failing Again

Season #2

If you find yourself in a place of being afraid to try yet again to lose the weight, get healthy, or start new habits because of fear, this episode is for you. In today’s episode, I share 6 specific steps to help you gain confidence in yourself and your ability to create a successful outcome no matter what you decide to shoot for! I want to encourage you to choose confidence over fear this coming year and I’m here to support you by taking those first steps! If you’re ready to create a lifetime of change, weight loss, and improved health, coach with me this year! Want 1:1 support? Sign up for a free coaching consult to decide if 1:1 coaching is the best fit for you here → Want coaching support via online learning, community, and group coaching calls? Join our nutrition coaching program to support you in the what, why, and how of your goals. Doors open mid-January! Get yourself on the waitlist now to learn how to save $99 AND be part of our special prep training happening in January! Need a daily reminder to keep showing up? We officially have SWEATSHIRTS! Head to to grab yours today!