160. Eating healthy while eating out (w/ guest Reena Vokoun)

Season #4

Join me and guest Reena Vokoun for a chat about how to make better choices while eating out. If you struggle with finding healthy options while eating out or struggle overeating when you’re at a restaurant or in a crowd, this episode is for you!


Reena Vokoun, Founder and CEO of Passion Fit, is an entrepreneur, award-winning author, TEDx speaker, marketer, media spokesperson, TV host and contributor and certified consumer and corporate health and wellness expert. She graduated with a BBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MS in Advertising and Communications from Boston University.

She spent years in marketing, sales and business development leadership roles for Google, Yahoo, Reebok, CNET, GE and Grokker. Reena is a wife and mom of two boys and lives in San Diego, CA with her family. Receive a free downloadable overview of Reena’s 7-step holistic approach to wellness by signing up for her free Passion Fit newsletter.


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