The Woman of Wellness Podcast

The Woman of Wellness Podcast

Hosted by: Elizabeth

Join Elizabeth, exercise physiologist and women’s nutrition & wellness coach as she shares inspirational (and practical) messages helping women heal their relationship with food, love their bodies, and find joy in...


40. THE emotional eating episode

Season #1 Episode #40

Why do I binge and restrict? Why do I eat the foods I know won’t make me feel good? Why do I feel addicted to sugar? Why does food consume my thoughts all day long? Why do I reward myself with food? Why does it feel...
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39. Finding food freedom after an eating disorder (w/ guest Rachel Nielson)

Season #1 Episode #39

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Rachel Nielson from the 3 in 30 Podcast about her experience navigating an eating disorder. In this episode, she shares about her eating disorder, how she was able to find help, and...
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38. Finding food freedom with a chronic condition (w/ guest Renee Anderson)

Season #1 Episode #38

Join me this week as I chat with a Food Freedom alumni, Renee Anderson about her experience finding food freedom while living with a chronic condition. If you suffer from any chronic condition or even just have the...
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37. How to stay positive when life throws you a curveball (w/ guest Jessie Larson)

Season #1 Episode #37

What do you do when you’re trying to stay consistent with your goals and life throws you a curveball or things don’t go your way? My guest Jessie Larson shares her story about job loss and what you can do to stay...
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36. Is change really possible for me?

Season #1 Episode #36

This episode is for all the women who feel stuck with their wellness goals. Stuck getting started, stuck staying consistent, stuck feeling like they repeat the same process over and over again.  If you feel like...
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35. When you want to speed up your results

Season #1 Episode #35

The pressure to get quick results is EVERYWHERE, isn’t it? Even in the pursuit of worthy goals, we still feel the urge to speed up the process. My goal is that today’s episode feels like a breath of fresh air and...
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34. The cause of cravings and what to do about them (w/ guest Emily Niswanger)

Season #1 Episode #34

If you’ve ever struggled with cravings or feeling like you’re addicted to food, today’s podcast episode is for you! I sat down with Emily @anywherenutrition to chat about the science behind our cravings and what...
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33. You can play with your food

Season #1 Episode #33

In today’s episode, I’m giving you permission to play with your food. In fact, I want YOU to give yourself permission to play with your food. It seems like every time we want to create change, we feel this need to...
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32. My Food Freedom Story [Part 1]

Season #1 Episode #32

In this episode, I get real and vulnerable in sharing my own food freedom journey PLUS a huge curveball that came my way a few years ago that took me down a completely different path to find my new definition of food...
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31. When your doctor tells you to lose weight

Season #1 Episode #31

If you’ve ever dreaded going to the doctor because you know you’re going to hear the “you need to lose weight” advice, this episode is for you. I share my background in working with doctors as a wellness coach and...
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30. Why I don’t believe kids are intuitive eaters

Season #1 Episode #30

Have you ever heard that kids are great examples of intuitive eating? Well, I’m here to suggest otherwise! In this episode, I talk about what kinds CAN teach us about intuitive eating and what we need to do...
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29. The cost of getting lean

Season #1 Episode #29

Ever wonder what it takes to get lean or achieve ideal wellness? In this episode, I walk you through 5 key behaviors that you must focus on to create physical change in your body. I talk about what different...
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