The Woman of Wellness Podcast

The Woman of Wellness Podcast

Hosted by: Elizabeth

Join Elizabeth, exercise physiologist and women’s nutrition & wellness coach as she shares inspirational (and practical) messages helping women heal their relationship with food, love their bodies, and find joy in...


52. Preparing for the holiday abundance

Season #1 Episode #52

If you struggle with food during the holidays, this episode is full of practical tips to help you navigate the holidays with confidence this season!   In this episode we talk about: How to identify scarcity mode with...
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51. [PEP TALK] A reminder of how wonderful you are

Season #1 Episode #51

If you ever wanted a friend to remind you how wonderful you are, how much you have to offer, and that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to, this is the episode for you.   This is a real “pep talk” from...
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50. Mastering your Energy (w/ guest Toni Hench)

Season #1 Episode #50

Feeling stressed out or tired all the time? Join me in an amazing conversation about how to master your energy with guest Energy Management Coach, Toni Hench.    In this episode, we talk all about how to reclaim your...
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49. Are you procrastinating your health?

Season #1 Episode #49

Today’s episode is for anyone that feels like they keep putting off making their health a priority because of fear, uncertainty, lack of resources, fear of imperfection, fear of failure, and so much more.   If you’re...
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48. How to stay focused and consistent

Season #1 Episode #48

In today’s episode, I’m answering a listener’s question: “How do I stay focused and consistent with my goals”? I walk you through 6 simple steps you can take to help you stay consistent without overhauling your whole...
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47. "I'm the heaviest I've ever been"

Season #1 Episode #47

Lately, I’ve received many messages from women frustrated that they’re the heaviest they’ve ever been (their words). In today’s episode, I share 4 powerful steps to help you go from feeling frustrated to knowing what...
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46. How your personality affects your health (w/ guest Callie Ammons)

Season #1 Episode #46

This episode is one of my all-time favorites and one you’re not going to want to miss! In today’s episode, I sat down with Enneagram coach Callie Ammons to discuss how different personality types approach health and...
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45. When wellness feels overwhelming or complicated

Season #1 Episode #45

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the wellness culture “noise”, unsure where to start, unsure what to listen to, unable to sort through all the information out there, this episode is for you. Wellness doesn’t have to...
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[MOTIVATIONAL EPISODE] 44. The house analogy that changed everything

Season #1 Episode #44

I cannot wait for you to dive into this episode. If you're a woman feeling a sense of desperation to get "out" of your body (aka: lose the weight or change the way you look), this episode is for you.   I walk you...
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43. My Food Freedom Story [Part 2]

Season #1 Episode #43

Today’s episode is part 2 of a 2 part series where I’m sharing my own food freedom story with you and how my journey has unfolded over the years. If you are searching for your own food freedom story, come learn about...
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42. [BONUS EPISODE] Achievable vs maintainable weight loss

Season #1 Episode #42

In this episode I talk about the differences between achievable and maintainable weight loss and how you can allow them to work together to help you get the outcome you want.   If you've ever struggled with wanting to...
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41. To diet or not to diet

Season #1 Episode #41

If you’ve struggled with wanting to go back on a quick diet for weight loss or want to navigate the world of intuitive eating, today’s episode is for you.  In today’s episode, I walk you through what it looks like to...
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